Cass PH 7G: Aftermath

WHAT A DAY for a Cassie, as a volunteer, and as Poya's proxy who didn't make it on this gathering. You guys pack in a powerhouse of love! I gotta hand it you guys for being very eager as if coming early was a religious thing that you've beat me to the venue.

eager fans waiting at the lobby 1:33 in the afternoon

sunbaes in-charge of the membership booth
I was all about entertaining people today. Did find you guys me amusing or lame? I didn't get the chance to chit-chat and flail with everyone I bumped into. Oh and I heard some famous guy named Robi from PBB came down to cover the event, isshat kewl or what? I did see him rehearsing his lines diligently at the lobby entrance. I thought he was the guy from xlr8 but I didn't see any of that today.

Tomorrow would be a good time to watch ASAP (ABS-CBN). Ate Kring and Kuya Ron announced that snippets of the event is going to be aired tomorrow. Oh cameraman and Mr. editor, please spare my face. He was doing his share of in-theater shooting while we were watching the concert. I would know so, his camera lights were as good as knocking me out like a cat with headlights- so yeah I was disturbed by his light but good press means more plugs; And I bet the folks managing Cass PH is just as happy as the fans about it.
One of the winners I was suppose to meet today sent a representative and even called me up twice just to make sure I would meet her representative after changing representatives twice just today. When I met her rep she told me that the winner couldn't come because she lived far and I joked about it since I know fans come from all over till the rep told me that she couldn't come because she was from Zamboanga. I wasn't expecting that far. I'm proud of you for winning that prize on the Essay contest (I lost the name, since I lost all my lists).
You must already know I'm bad at math and I don't know squat about rough estimates but a reasonable number of people were there. It's a great deal for me to see the audience participate well with the mood of the concert. I hope it'd be like this if it were a real concert. Nippon audiences are just sooooo cooperative.
 while everyone was watching
DBSK in 2D but concert screened on cinema format screamed "3D ME" Yeah? or I don't know what I'm talking about Some one might keel me for putting that one up ahaha. Congratulations to that lucky person who got to bring the boys home *wink wink*

By the looks of it, TVXQ is very much loved despite it being just a concert screening, this many people still came. I'm inspired knowing that many people choose to keep the faith, if not for the fact that the prizes and the standees were total jailbait! Some trufax of the day: Jaejong's photocard was a sell-out at the ticket booth. So does that make the Philippines love Micky just as much? I know I do.

For the people who knew the host, from her past events like 6G or Kpop Con. They probably enjoyed seeing the Krimmy couple in action WOOT WOOTs no photos of that in here. You might not know what I'm taking about if you weren't learning how to speak Korean with us ahahaha. That's just the icing of the cake-of-a-time the audiences had judging from their response to Ate Kring's hosting. It just won't seem right if it she didn't do it anyway. "I'm your host, like haven't I been ever since" right Ate Kring?

That reminds me how Lol-worthy Kuya Jimmy's "What's wrong with them?!" question was a little after the boys came on stage. NO KIDDING MAN! Who has pictures? Tell em' I ain't pulling legs as you read this. They were introduced by Kring, like yeah!

We also did our traditional video message for the boys both for MYX (was it for them?) and one for Cass for future use.  I love it when we do that, it feels so homey. Too bad for me I wasn't in any of it. I would have love doing that for Junsu Changmin. That's why I never have favorites among them yeah right.

At the end of the day I feel happy that Cass PH held this event. I mean, fans just keep growing in numbers every gathering. I haven't seen this much people in all the gathering I've attended or I might have poor eyesight, which I do. I guess I still can't answer the question how do you keep the faith; My answer won't fall simply in words, Cassies all over the world have gone beyond that that point already if you ask me. We all needed this "fan therapy" or 'much needed flailing' during this times and it worked wonders for the fans.

I enjoyed working with Cass PH on this gathering. I don't regret making that promise last year during the 6G although I do feel sad losing my 6G fan today (I lost it along with my green folder and what-nots but I'll live =D).

This post goes out to all the fans who went an extra mile to attended today's activity, everyone who worked hard to make this event possible (the sponsors and my co-volunteers) and to lovely people who manage Cass ph so well and make an effort to unite everyone.

Till the next gathering. More power to all of us.



blubtrflynflats said...

Cause I'm the creeper sa CassPH FB page. XDv

Thanks thanks thanks for the prize~ Unfortunate that I wasn't there to personally claim it. :|

CASSPH 7G was a HUGE SUCCESS! Congratulations~

I hope I can join 8G. 8D Distance is being a btch. XD

Good night! :)

-- Ezra

kitkat_zaizai said...

thanks for helping marz!!!!
too bad you lost your folder, but you gained an experience, hehehe

till next gath? hehehe

hooray for us!!!

Marz said...

@Ezra: Zamboanga, I'm glad we've reached out to you. I asked your friend to take a picture of your prize and told her that you should share it for the mean time while she hasn't sent it to you. (^o^)/ Congratulations again!

@Ate Kitkat: I'm already looking forward to the next one ;]

Andrea said...

I'm so jealous :( But I'm glad the event was a success!

Joy said...

thanks for the wonderful post. I wasn't able to come to the 7g because of important reason.. Promise, I will go to 8G if ever the organizer will hold another.. I love TVXQ! Always keep teh faith!

meljoy said...

it was nice seeing you again at the gathering...