Be at the Highlands

Spent a weekend in the south at Tagaytay Highlands. There's a lot to do here, something for everyone though we're spending the weekend here for a change of view. The view from the condo's balcony.

View from the highland's club house
I was told that this place had a funicular, cable car, animal farm, golf course, pool, sports center, and generally the works. I bet your just imagining how big this place is just by the mere thought of having a funicular and cable cars in the area.

Lots of whee stuff from the highlands to the midlands where there was a wedding that was about to take place.
We didn't stay around the midlands for too long, there wasn't much there for me. Just a lot of golfers and a veranda waiting for its entourage.

We got bored and went to Japan...
LOL Kidding. The ambiance of the low lands seemed very much like I teleported to some foreign country all of a sudden.

For dinner, Tita San treated us to a Chinese restaurant, The Winter Garden. Its interior glass walls had a view of the mountains within the area, it looked majestic. The wall seemed as if a Chinese mural had come to life with the view. I didn't get to take a picture of it because we were situated elsewhere its hard to take a picture of it at night also (-_-'). The Winter Garden restaurant had a lot of guests to accommodate that we didn't want to be on the wait list among those who made reservations and started early.

If you're planning to have dinner here you might as well consider having an early dinner if you want to bypass the wait list. They only keep three tables open for walk-ins.

Just keep your options open because there is about 20 restaurants at the lowlands alone, why not try catching an Asian Dinner or Steaks at either the mid or high lands.

Please beware. Do not let this person in your unit. Will eat your cheesecake

I'm only taking you this far, for now. Till next time kids.

Later Days

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