Backtracking: Before the 7G

Mum invited me to join her for an ocular at Taal Vista Lodge (because it had seemingly an underlying proposition for me after, it sounded more like I had no choice but to come anyway). So there I was while I was supposed to be preparering lists and notifying short listed contestants... I make it sound like it was that bad huh? It wasn't really, till lunch time.
The food was nothing fancy but nothing beats having a piece of art everywhere on your dining table.

For a change they had a wider selection of food and it was eye-catching. Let me tell you folks it's nothing short of 'ok' though it looks so good like that. Their presentation scored-high in my good books.
What was really eye catching was the food carving display which the resident manager (or so he claims to be 'a figment of my mom's imagination') was so eager to show us all the food carving displays they had for lunch.

Mr. Manager says that the person whose been making this "has art oozing out of her" and even offered us to meet her. Mum declined but I'd love to meet that person. So freaking awesome dude!
Here's some more: a fruit basket made out bread, even the fruits are made out of bread!
I was all about dessert dessert dessert in the buffet, let alone lunch when I got through with it.

Looks like I've got myself into another volunteer work but this time for the folks from PSTD. It's happening here in May.
What really ticked me off that day was the traffic. There was an accident along Sucat (SLEX) where a school bus hit a chemical tanker that blocked the north-bound lane (equals to detour and slow movement) so early in the morning. So yeah traffic lasted for a whole darn day, from the North and South!
I just hope that in the next six years to come after elections.. THIS traffic will get fixed.

... and I came home late cramming for the next day. Then you know what happened next.

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