We used to do this on a Saturday

Me and a couple of my favorite people went out today, though it's quite disappointing to find out that out of the two malls we went to (Trinoma and SM North) were both affected by the rotating brownout which is very ridiculous if you ask me election schemes. I also had a really bad headache this morning probably because of the heat and I thought I was coming down with something but turns out that it's nothing cold water couldn't fix. I do self repair also.

My Saturdates with Vin and Turts are going on an indefinite hiatus since I have no idea if it's gonna happen again any time soon. I hope we can all just get together again like we used to. Bye Torts we'll miss you and all your what nots.
I like his geek shirt. Looks like one from here. I want one too RAWR.
I will miss all the bromance crack you and Vin do
and we stopped doing sappy stuff like this and turn into ajejemons lolz.☺

Later days

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