Preping for 7G

I am fudging excited for the upcoming 7G. I feel like a fan girl about to watch a concert, which I am- sorta. It's going to be a different experience for me since I'll be behind the scenes this year.

I suddenly felt a little tug in bottom of my little cassie heart that I cannot join any of the contests because GAHHH *keyboardsmash panic* Have you guys seen those prizes? ALBUMS?!ANAN!!! . NOOOOO GAHHH WHY SO CRUEL WORLD?!!!!!

Here's the juicy stuff up for grabs

Want to snag the chance to win any of these? Join the contests

It's not going to be all fun and games for me because I did promise last year to volunteer during the 7G and I am enjoying it so far. I'm just being extra cautious about this and that, I don't wanna screw up on my first time.

Awhile back Ate Maecy posted up this question "Who's gonna cry during the G?". That struck me (coz I'm a bit butthurt like that) I'm not much of a 'tear-here' (lousy acting anyone?) kind of a person but in all honesty I think TVXQ is the only band that can make me go teary-eyed. I gotta get over the drama and back to my work.

Real excited for this event. Drop by the CassPH website and see what they've got in store for all you Kpop fans. I WANT BS2010 NAO.....

See ya guys


Louise Linh said...

i can feel your pain dude. those prizes are awesome. LOL

Andrea said...

Aww man, I really wish I could go D;