Old mp3 players... whatever happend to them?

Do you guys ever wondered what happened to yesterdays OMG-SO-F'N-AWESOME-I-MUST-HAVE-IT music player? Until you realized that there's a new smaller better version of it? Just like the evolution of iPods, I too went on a musical skip down memory lane.

Just so you have an idea how old I am. It all began a little bit after radio and minus one was the big thing. I've been using one of these

Tape players. Not the actual thing I own though. It was bulky to lug this around so I used mini transistor radios and FM scanners

It wasn't until the boom of the iPod that would get me very much into portable music. The real story begins here...

iPods... I never thought it'd haunt me

Here's a 1st gen iPod. Looks noobish huh? Let me tell you their far more durable than the new ones out. Apparently its still out in market but mostly online though. I found one on Amazon and it sells for $195 (9000PHP). I remembered that it first came out about the same time I was standing in line to buy a Gameboy Advance the first day it came out at Wallmart. YES, I FOLLOW NINTENDO TOO!

Nintendo Gameboy Advance. No, it doesn't play music

Back then, I really didn't know what to do with all that space- 5GB and 10GB, so what?! While a little later I'm was all about deleting files to make space for all my files and resorting to expandable hard drives so during those days I was using one of these.

RCA Lyra RD1080 MP3 Player but now it's old, rugged, and busted. I use it as card reader now. It was a very durable player.

Traveling with music wasn't really my thing since I was comfortable using a CD player. A lot of people were still into this and they still are up-to-now although not CD walkmans but CD players built for in-room listening.

not my actual CD player. Mine was a random China brand that for some reason probably because of it time that it decided to retire on its own 4 years ago.

Eventually I was bought a 32GB iPod Video which got stolen from me. I reckon iPods are hot items so go figure. I slowly started to appreciate the trend that iPods set however apple products just got on my nerves. I didn't like the idea of some music player telling me it needed this and that to work and I stopped using apple since then.

32GB iPod video

I reverted back to a primitive portable dvd player and I would be taunted whenever I brought this to school instead of a boom box. "What a big iPod you got there!"

My Mintek portable dvd player also stopped working just recently.

Then life got boring with all those portable media players coming out and I have to admit I've attempted to purchase an iPod but I've been holding out in hopes that I will find good a non-apple pmp. Since I'm also following Nintendo I was more than happy to know that the Nintendo DS lite had an expansion card reader thingy-ma-jig that lets you listen to music on your DS.

My all-time favorite toy. The DS Lite
It's not exactly a PMP but there are perks if you know how to hack your gadgets. I've watched a couple of movies on my DS and it couldn't get any more portable than that. I have my games, music, and even videos on board my handy DS. It's just a bit bothersome that it's rather big to fit in my pocket and definitely too bulky to let it dangle from my neck so I started to take interest in finding a PMP.

I've looked at the Creative zen mx which has a very promising interface and features although I didn't seem to happy with it. Now I'm at the tipping point to get myself a Samsung T10 which was a last shelf item I saw on a store. I'd go nuts and buy it ASAP if this had come out in the RP much sooner. I'm convinced that I'd get it in the hopes that the one I saw was an 8GB version of it but I'm also considering the 4GB otherwise. I don't want to get ahead of myself and buy it when I know it's about 3 years old since it was released.

What do you think? Should I get it even if it's 3 years old? Since I got my DS a year after it came out, much to my dismay the DSi came out shortly after I don't want to have any regrets making a purchase with my hard earned money.

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