Ensoul music anyone?

Could this be the birth of a new type of hybrid music? Enka + Soul = ensoul.

Know more about Freddie after the jump ;]
Ensoul sounds interesting although I'm not sure if it's been done before so I gotta give props for that. Kansai Kuukou is a song about the Kansai airport and is a product of inspiration from a Misora Hibari song with a R&B tune.

There's little information on Mr. Freddie on the web but here's what I've managed to come up with.
He's a former Marine who used to sing at bars and lounges around the Kobe area in Japan.

The folks from Imprint lab featured "Freddie" on their blog and so now I'm keeping and eye and ear out for more decent hybrid music like this. As for the Kansai Kuukou its R&B sampling sounds a bit generic for my taste. I've probably heard better but this fusion of Enka and R&B is quite refreshing.

Check out Freddie's first single "Kansai Kuukou" on iTunes and his single on LastFM

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