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I came across this article on as the second half of an article about Brooke Shields. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but I think Ms. Dizon could use all the help.

No, I do not mean this Leah Dizon..


Lea W. Dizon is aspiring director from the Philippines who 'left everything behind' to pursue a dream. Now she's at the University of Southern California she's not afraid to ask help to make her thesis movie possible. Apart from her story is the fact that she wishes to fulfill my dream, “be known as a Filipino filmmaker in Hollywood.” but that's another story.

Check out what her movie is all about on her website

The first time I met Lea Dizon, a budding filmmaker, was at a screening of a Filipino movie in LA. The exotic beauty later invited us to the screening of her directorial debut, a short comedy titled “How to Eat Bacon,” at the USC (University of Southern California) School of Cinematic Arts where she is taking her masters degree in film.
A University of the Philippines graduate, Lea is hard working, persistent and focused, especially when it comes to filmmaking. Very passionate and dedicated to her craft, Lea directed another short, a comedy-love story, “Angel’s Bread,” which was co-produced by another Filipina, Pia Chikiamco.
“I would love to be known as a Filipino filmmaker in Hollywood,” the Angeles City native disclosed.
After three years at USC, Lea is now set on doing her thesis film, “Delikadesa,” a short film in Tagalog that is set in the ’80s in Manila. “I need all the help  – financial or otherwise – for this film and I am not embarrassed to ask for help,” she said.
Lea explained, “My thesis will be an earnest, charming, poignant movie set in Manila. Eighteen-year-old Paolo is about to go to his engagement dinner to his pregnant girlfriend. While the two families are going crazy trying to plan the wedding and his life, all Paolo wants to do is to tell them that he doesn’t want to get married. It’s for sure a family drama, a comedy of errors, and a coming-of-age film about learning that sometimes doing the wrong thing is the right thing to do.” Visit the website,, to find out more about the film.
In order for Lea to make her thesis film, she will need to raise $20,000. Lea pointed out, “No donation is too small or too big. When you give $6 you are buying one of our crew members one of his or her ten meals during the shoot. About 30 people will be helping to make this film. $110 will enable me to buy a can of film – leaving me with just 16 cans left to purchase. $275 buys an hour of the eight hours that I need to transfer the movie from film to High Definition. $1,000 helps me rent the Super 16 camera.”
She stressed, “I will be grateful for anything that people can extend to me. I am certain that all together we can make this movie, a dollar at a time. Being able to make this film will be the best graduation gift I can ever receive.”
Lea added that they are targeting to be in production in the first week of May in LA. She said, “This film will be submitted to film festivals in the US and abroad. It is my hope that this film not only open doors for me as a filmmaker but will also give honor to my country. I am humbly and boldly asking you to invest in this dream and in myself and help me take this town by storm.”
Formerly a Manila journalist, Los Angeles-based Janet Susan R. Nepales is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
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Let's help Ms. Dizon on this one and make her and crew happy with $6... TEN MEALS? Woah. I'd sign up to help in-kind if I'm in the area! I know your gonna do a great job Ms. Dizon that's why I'm rooting for you!

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