U-kiss may want to kiss you too

These boys are definitely up for fan service and are very friendly with their fans!
After wathching 12 hours worth of videos about them yesterday, I decided to watch them today. Determined to get an autograph no matter what.

So here's another one of my I'm-not-a-fan-but-I'll-watch anyway tendencies (it's called being an enthusiast) so there. I came to SM at 10 hoping that I could just buy the album get out and come back again a little before the show begun although it didn't happen like that. By the time I got to the forth floor around 10:11 there was already a line! That God forsaken line that got people wondering what they did in their past life to deserve such pain... maybe I'm exaggerating but I don't have enough adjectives to describe the number of people who came from 10 a.m. till the end of the showcase around 7p.m.
Technically the saying "the early bird catches the worm" doesn't applies here. I came at 10 and landed no.493 on the autograph stubs like WTH is going on here? Thankfully they allowed us to come and go from the venue, its our choice to lose our spot in the standing area if we went out.

The event started early around quarter to 5 and oh boy was it crazy! Fans were screaming for U-kiss a couple of dbs out of the normal, I'd be deaf by now. It started with a short Q&A like what U-Kiss stands for and some questions about the members (I only remember that one question about which two members were formerly from XING being asked tho). Then some performances by their opening act "Pretty Young Thing". The crowd got even wilder when U-kiss came and started their performances

They performed song from their "Only One" album like 만만한니(am I a pushover?), 빙글빙글 and some of there previous singles like I'm not young, Talk to me, and I like you.

Some fans were dancing along but nothing beats U-kiss dancing somewhat like this and I was like YEY! . The performances went by quickly and ended around 5-ish quite early don't you think? Well I did and it was a good sign that they were trying their best to accommodate the fans who wanted their albums signed. Most of us lost hope in getting our album signed since the organizers were prioritizing the first 300 who bought the album plus those who bought their copy in their Megamall tour. It was frustrating but we kept our hopes up and they were able to accommodate those who had numbers till 500+.
The fan signing part would probably be the best part! Not because I got an autograph and meet and greet Xander LOLZ NO. It would be because the boys did so much fan service that I could help but lol at some of the photos I took of SooHyun. Man! He truly is a 킹카!
I love 소헌 like that, too bad we we're no longer allowed to ask an autograph from each member due to time constraints. Although some persistent fans were able to take pictures with, hug, & kiss some of the members, even if the organizers didn't want the fans to. But yeah the boys were that nice!
for all the fans that love  키섶오빠
 Kevin why so cute?
It's pretty biased for me for me to say that the meet and greet was the best part since the boys really made an effort to talk to the fans while signing autographs. I was even tempted to try talking to Alexander in Chinese just to see if he'd really understand but instead we had a quick exchange of thank yous and what not.

Thanks to my buds for the company. As well as Baduch and Cheska ;]
Now I have another concert to look forward to, May 29 hello again U-kiss! There you have it another one for the record, U-kiss in Manila. Can't wait for the next set coming to town. SJ will you be sigining autographs too?

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Lisbeth said...

asdfsfdsgdffdhgfhjghkjjhlk; HAHAHA. tama ka, Marz. 'they are definitely up to so MUCH fanservice' *__* HAHA. THANK YOU TOO! Ang saaaaaaaaaaya. Mag-iipon na ko for May. para makabawi for no ticket SuJu. T_T <3

Noshabelle said...

I've never heard of them. But good luck! :)