Someone got lucky!

Just when I had given up all hopes on watching F.T. Islands someone generously gave me tickets to the show.
Center isle seats! WOOT! Good job!

We've got a number of dumbfounded folks about who FT Island is. For starters FT Islands is a Korean band who has quite a big Filipino netizen following, that's where all the tickets are going out to. As for why people are going nuts about them, you should have realized by now that their following is mostly made up of young fan girls (teens and older). So its a 'fan' thing. Something similar would be Boyzone = fans /fangirls. Nothing more trivial than that.

Should you wonder why they're here its because ABS-CBN is getting Lee HongKi (lead vocals of F.T Island) to promote his drama "You're Beautiful" (미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo) where he plays Jeremy a member of the drama based band called A.N Jell. They get to do it on Showtime one of ABS-CBN's noon prime time shows.

I wasn't able to catch them on telly but there was a TV recording of it.

Credits to: kyungmin78
We hope that Hongki get's better. He doesn't look too well, most likely because of the major weather shift. On the other hand, looks like Vice Ganda wasn't the only looking forward to it.
Anne Curtis gives FT Islands the plug

Tip for the fans:
There will be a fan mail box tomorrow so write your fan mails and make sure to bring them with you tomorrow.
Here's a shout out to the folks who went to the Press con this afternoon at The Mariott Hotel. Drop me a line if you went, my friend is looking for fan accounts of the event and I for pictures.
 writing a fan letter at the moment

Many superb thanks to Tito B. for making this possible. THANK YOU

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