Owl City makes "Manila Twilight"

Owl City graced the shores of the Philippines and held their first concert in Asia! I don't know whose more blown away with the concert but it's definitely been a good night for both the audiences and Owl City front man, Adam Young.
"Owl City captured me in an instant and made me fall in love with their music"
I invited Jen B. to watch the show the day before and she agreed despite knowing only two of his songs. I prodded that it didn't matter she'd like everything off the "Ocean Eyes" album anyway.

Audiences walking out of the venue 'all smiles'
Although I was wondering why the sudden venue change from the North Parking to Mindanao parking at the last minute. It looks like it's been planned ahead of time though. With that I fall victim to false advertisement thinking that 'silver' seat stubs provided by Trinoma literally means that we get to sit down unfortunately we dumbfounded found ourselves standing in the "WAY BACK" area. I guess it's that "you get what you pay for" treatment is still very much in fashion. They could have at least not called it 'seat stubs' in the first place. We found a nice spot though to make up for the standing and "back-back-so-way-back-area-that-we-couldn't-see-the-stage" position we stayed right in front of a white screen and that somehow made up for it. It's like 'watching a live movie' I just thought.
Our humble spot somewhere in the parking lot
The concert started with an opening act by Krissy and Erika, known for their single "Up up down down" which they also performed. They sang four songs two covers and two originals. When they asked the crowd if they we're having a good time, the folks in our area replied "yeah" but some folks didn't say the same (according to one of their youtube channel comments) and I felt kinda sorry for them since they did entertain us for a bit. They're very young and I hope that they took that "no" subjectively.

It wasn't till 10 pm that Owl City came and started playing their tunes, opening their act with full sounds from the ceilo and violins it was breathtaking to witness until you realize that you're in an Owl City concert and you'd expect more sounds coming from a synthesizer than either of those two instruments.

I found Adam Young as a sweet young man from Minnesota (oh hello personal opinions) after picking up a couple of random facts from him, as he told the audiences about how he called his mom a little while earlier before the concert and about how he had never imagined having a concert here. He's a bit of what I'd call a promdi but he's cool like that.
Adam Young from Owl City. Go get em' tiger ;]
They played a reasonable number of songs that I lost count but if I remember correctly it was around 10 songs plus an encore. Most of the songs they performed were from their second album and included some of their popular singles like Strawberry Avalanche (sounds yummy huh?) and also their song included in Almost Alice (Alice in Wonderland OST) called "Technicolor Phase" from their first album Maybe I'm Dreaming, like most of their songs its really lovely.

Time sure flies by fast when your having a good time huh? I made it point to drop by Owl City's official website to drop them a line and be a fan of them in their facebook account and while I was at it, made online acquaintances with Veronica Miller the keyboardist.
Veronica singing as second voice of Owl City.
Adam is secretly a rocker at heart
I'm starting to jump into their fan bandwagon.
bestmariel: I enjoyed your concert to bits!

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Kay, folks. Till next concerts

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