Kpop is Kiling OPM? Yes - No

I just saw the clip today from the news. With at least 86 comments on the FB link where I got this. This won't go out without discussion.

Kpop Poses as Threat to OPM
Yes, Kpop will definitely affect local music sales in the RP but not so soon. There are still many people who find Kpop as 'baduy' or a mass following. However Kpop in the Philippines has been big even before it garnered the local media's attention. OPM is not dead it has just gone stale over the years. We definitely wouldn't want it to turn out like HKPop that died after Twins' epic fall from grace. FYI following a foreign artist is no easy business ($$$ involved) meaning less economical movement in the local music industry = death.
But you have to admit our local artists wanted more Korean acts come in the country after ABS-CBN got Lee DongWook to guest in wowwowee. Mariel Rodriguez was all over him, no further addition to that, your honor.

Kpop dominates?
For the fans, yes very much but for the Filipinos in general, not exactly. It can be a phase for now but with constant media attention you bet Kpop music will become a staple in the Myx daily top 10. Its not like we complained having F4 top the local charts for several weeks or having a Western artist do the same. Long story short its all the same banana.

OPM "They don't really care about us!"
Just because Kpop is getting media attention lately doesn't mean that we have forgotten our OPM. The thing is OPM is more often than not sans 'original' now-a-days. New artists are living of revivals and remakes like Princess, Charice, Christian Bautista and let's not forget Sarah Gernimo whose career kicked of with a Celine Dion remake and has the biggest following of all new OPM artists. As for the Pop Girls, they've already gotten off the wrong foot with the Kpop fans. There is such a thing as bad timing and bad publicity. I for one I thought they could break the stereotypical Filipino Pop music that the market wants to get over with. Basically the only ones who really buy into the Kpop fandom are the young people and if they wanted to sell themselves they should have invested in a better music video concept.

Sorry but this isn't working out, it's not me... it's you! Most young people don't buy slapstick comedy. Hello 21st century? Post-modernism where art thou?
This alone is enough to make netizens change the channel. Spell FAIL please?

Lets convert to Kpop then!
I've read a lot of bashing towards the Pop girls and I feel for them. Turning OPM into a Kpop hybrid may not entirely be the solution because people aren't that undiscerning of the music they listen to. 3 out of 5 radio listeners would switch radio stations when they hear novelty or the Tagalog versions of Western songs being played... and I thought we were supposed to love our own? We can't blame the local music industry whose been given a run for their money by foreign acts. However in this digital era with technological advances listeners are expecting something different and fresh. That's something people found in Kpop Music.

Lets make original music live again! OPM can die without new material that people will actually listen to. You can't buy listeners with purely image or music (SG Wannabe, what happened to them? gets bricked). Following the Korean trend of producing 'packaged artists', we too need to break from stereotyping our artists and further develop their raw talents. Now-a-days you cannot just grab a pretty face out of the cesspool of auditionees. Kpop is mostly fueled by marketing strategy. And the kids who loves it, buys it, regardless of weather they understand the language.

Reactions, comments? I'd live to hear your opinion. drop me a line.

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Anonymous said...

hello, I loved your post. This is probably the most balanced comparison I've read. What I came across were either Kpop-bashing or OPM-bashing.

To tell the truth, vocally, it seems that Filipinos have the edge. I dunno I find but 'singers' wannabe sounding a lot better LIVE as comapred to many Asian idols. To think of it, the Philippines is not really using autotune that much.

However, in terms of 'music production'. Kpop really wins. If only OPM could really be good at production, I think OPM could be capable to rivaling US music and gain a large following given the numerous talented vocalists and passionate singing Filipinos in general have

Anonymous said...

kpop didn't kill anything, blame that to REVIVALS.
why only bash k-pop, what about us-pop?
start being original dear OPM artists, and we'll start listening...