I am a bit conceited

You folks may be wondering what happened on my 18th birthday. Nothing special. I just allowed the day to consume itself like I would have on any other day except I couldn't slack off too much since I'm catching up with deadlines deadlines deadlines.

There are no pictures to describe how normal today was. Some of my buds were asking me where the party was at but all I could do is to tell them that there's no party whatsoever. Personally I loath birthdays since I get older (though X number of my friends think I'm not) it's not really an issue but in all honesty I've been afraid to take on more responsibilities year after year- that is why I don't really enjoy birthdays at all. My folks make it seem like I can take on everything by strides but I'm just repressing the realities of life until they just turn into fragments of memories and nothing more. I'll just go take on the bull anyway.

Even if I loath birthdays it's not like I don't want to party. like who doesn't anyway? I'm just reminded that under some circumstances I couldn't have things go my way all the time. My family has been supportive in most of my endeavors and I know that they mean me well and I love them like that. For the 18 years I've lived I want to say THANK YOU to everyone whose been a part of it.

It would take me eons to finish a list of names I would like to thank for being part of my life. And for the rest I am about to meet, Hello people from the future. A mere thanks would not be enough to express my gratitude but it has to start somewhere, from my mom and dad who brought me into this world. Thank you.

Let's all have one on me, when I'm a little bit richer =]

Marz X 3.19.2010.


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