How to vote like a ninja

momblogger (not my real mom) posted on her meme, links about 'how to vote' for this year's automated elections. My school admins were nice enough to invite the guys behind the comelec namely Mr. James Jimenez and representatives from smartmatic to do a demo for us so it's my turn to educate you folks on how it's going down on May 10.
FYI. It's ok to undervote meaning you can vote less than the required number of candidates. For example: the ballot says "vote for (8) EIGHT", it's your call if you want to vote for less than 8 candidates.

Don't forget!
  • bring a valid ID. If you have your voters ID even better! For those who doesn't have one bring your registration stub plus an ID with your full name and address
  • Listen to the Board of Elections Inspectors's instructions
Now I guess you would have an idea of what to do. I'm hoping I could do it quickly and precisely since there's no second ballot for mistakes although COMELEC is thoughtful enough to provide us with a sample ballot. Better practice before the actual polling day.
Practice makes perfect
If you find the need to go over the steps please visit and share these links to all of your friends and family who are going to vote.
sample ballots are excellent for practicing your shading skills!
in the polling precint
 As a voting ninja I will:
  • accurately shade inside the oblong before the name of the candidate
  • Not overvote
  • Not sell my vote, even to my master
  • practice and perfect my shading skills.

    You will graduate the course of the ways of the voting ninja if you successfully vote with ultimate accuracy, speed, and agility. Like all ninja's you can solve the problem without violence. What does ninjas and voting have to do with each other again?

    later days, folks

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