FT Island Showcase Experince

I have no words to open this post because it was a PENTASTIC experience!
 This concert's made of win. Honki's so white in person. I can't even see him anymore

Photo heavy post read at your risk.
NOTE: I might not be authorized to share this in public and I will gladly take it off if asked. So you can consider yourself lucky if you see this post is still up. Most of the watermarked photos are taken by me otherwise someone else took the picture.
As I've said in my previous post I wouldn't have watched if it wasn't for the free ticket I got from Tito B. so at the last minute I made the extra effort to relearn the members of FT. Ahh poor me, so you know I'm not exactly a fan but I listen to them and HeeChul (See you in April!) loves them so I love them too.

There's a funny story behind this photo that I was just told when I got there. There were 5 Korean guys who passed the audience entrance which caused a commotion among the fans in line and so they screamed their hearts out only to realize that it was just some random Koreans who were probably also going to watch the show.I'm guessing they got flocked? Maybe, you tell me the whole story because while that was happening F.T minus Hongki was doing their sound check and rehearsing.
 The boys during sound check. Credit to Meljoy@anjellph.co.nr

Me and Pat L. managed to get in just in time before the organizers let in the audiences. Although we got held at the front for just a bit and I panicked because I thought we weren't letting late comers OHPUHLEZ just a couple of minutes late got caught in traffic. Turns out that there had been some problems with the seating? or the five Korean mishap? inside and they didn't want to let more people come in all at the same time. They allowed us in after a short while.
 the line right before the concert hall. A little bit earlier before we arrived. Photo by: Ysa.
 My seat, when all of the audiences were still seated before FT Islands came out. Someone hire a crowd pacifier!
We got in and it wasn't too long until there was screaming fan girls just upon entering the concert halls. I couldn't complain it was perfectly natural. The show started with a raffle for Smart Bro plug-ins and gift checks until Grace Lee, the host, was introduced. She reminds me of Jolin Tsai. Then some very lucky audiences won autographed albums of FT Islands. Oh how I would have loved to have one of those! Really lucky.
Tell me you see the resemblance 0_0
Then the concert begun and oh boy was I jumping to the beat of F.T like why am I doing this? I like their ballads and I don't jump to ballad music FAIL MUCH. They played their upbeat songs though but yeah, I was all smug on the inside- Gee, I never would have known that SeungHyun was a looker and Jaejin too while performing . No worries I won't steal him from you, girls.

JaeJin ^__________^ yiiheeeee
Jaejin, Maknae Minhwan is shoo cute!, and Hongki
Minhwan. I just cannot express 'shoo cute!' just like that

Primadonna PH also prepared a special surprise for the two March celebrants Hongki & JongHun. 
CAKE! & we sang them셍일촠하함니더~
Birthday Boy Jonghun, the leader, who is my favorite FT Island Member
after concert plug. This was playing even before the show started. Each time it played the fans would SCREAM!
Yey! Yellow confetti.. LABAN LABAN!
The venue, piped down after they performed their encore.
PRIMADONNA - yo yo yo
-Lee Hongki
After the showcase some lucky folks was able to get a copy of the promotional poster some in English and most of it in Korean, I saw both versions. Then you know, you can guess that you can't be reasonable with fan girls with last minute stuff so there, another mini stampeed.
Run, fans, run!

That was pretty much my evening though I wished we all cooperated and so I promise this to myself... To stop myself from taking pictures or doing fancams (ahhhkkk I couldn't be helped) I was reluctant at first but after seeing a lot of people doing it, what the heck I did too anyway. I bet it made Hongki very uncomfortable seeing the fans behave like that. There were screams from fans even before the boys could answer questions and yeah I admit to taking fancams and most especially the pictures. This is a good time for me to come up with a concert/ showcase etiquette. It's going to be hard but someone's gotta start for someone to follow. My apologies for violating that rule. it was indicated on the ticket after all but you bet I really enjoyed this concert. I guess I would have appreciated it more if I wasn't fancaming. I bet everyone else would.

Thank you SPIN MANILA, Thank you Tito B., Thank you Ate Pat, Ysa, Ate Tina, Joy, Vianne & Krissy and everyone else. I had a great time!

Till next event.

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Meari said...

Now, I had full time to read your blog. FT! So cute. :3 Thank you for sharing me those pictures during our NSTP grad. (Now you know who I am. xD) Till next flailing! :D I had fun reading and imagining your fanrepo. :)))))

~Lisbeth :))