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I haven't told you guys about my out of town escapades since I've been desperately catching up on Q time with the internet and sleep. The latest trip out of the town brings me to the outskirts of Bulacan.
oh hi there Barasoain Church!
Our trip to Barasoain surprised me since I didn't know that it would be included in out itinerary. It's my first time to go here YEY! I was told that I get to make a wish since it was my first time to go here cool perks, yes?

We took a quick tour of the church then the garden where a lot of my blockies snapped awayed for a good 15 or so minutes before we went in the museum to check out the lights and sounds show. Our environmental science excursion took a turn to accommodate Philippine History. Where the main focus was about the first Philippine government.
some of the self portraits
I saw some familiar names on the list like anyone else bothered to read. After we finished our short trip to Barasoain we made our way to the real deal, the caves of Biak na Bato (literally translates to cracked stone) I have yet to review my history why it was named as such but its all about the first Filipino revolutionary efforts of Katipuneros v.s. the Kastila.
national park route map.

From the national park we went to visit caves a short bus / tricycle trip away with 500m distance from the entry point which is a small community. No one would have guessed that there were caves in the area. So we walked under the scorching heat of the sun. I had to complain that I forgot to put on sun block but no sun burns here, sir.
hotta walkka to Kenya Kweba
It felt good being able to walk all the way till the first cave because as we got there the air was different. It was cool and quite comfortable inside until our guide told us that it used to be a hospital and some folks were creeped out since there were still some remains there. They asked us to offer a prayer for the souls that passed away in The Hospital Cave (one of the two Yungib I on the Map).
 real human bones... in real life!
After our first cave we went into the 'storage cave' (Either of the two Yungib I on the map) Where we saw a big slab of the cave wall that probably caved in eons ago.  I raised the question if the soil was usually cracked. The guide told me that it's only like that since its the season of El Nino. About 60% of the ground I walked on looks something like this
0_0 cracks on the ground! Don't worry no earthquakes here.
Next was the 'Tangapan Cave' where Katipuneros were inducted into a group. Something to the likes of brotherhoods and the like. Where 'If I tell you, then I'd have to kill you' was the 'in' thing. The next two caves were the ones that required the most effort because you'd have to squeeze yourself in the small openings to get in and duck most of the time if you want to get around. This caves were the hiding places of the Katipuneros. They would strategically hide in the caves after the Spaniards would chase them till the opening of the cave and eventually meet their death inside the darkness of the cave. Creepy much? How about finding that out after the guides ask you to turn off the lights while your in a cave?
Somewhere inside the dark parts of the cave. Oooh glittery!
After our caving we head on to the national park for a quick hike to the bat cave. Woot woot!
Sorry kids, no Batman today since its too early.
The best part would be crossing Balaong river, what a way to cool off after a long walk under the sun. My blockies had fun.
Splash splash splash
I had to keep outta the water since it's kinda hard to find a place to rinse off. The public comfort room costs! They charge you 5PHP just to get changed. FAIL but only because its the only fairly decent comfort rooms nearby. Of course its nothing the board of tourism can't help- if they gave them more attention that is.
And the concludes my trip to Biak na Bato. Hope you guys decide to take a day trip there one of these days.

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