Would you rather?

Valentines is coming up soon what are you kids and folks celebrating this year? What will it be this year, Valentines day or the infamous Single awareness day for you?

Beware the 14th!

Are you spending Valentines day alone or are you picking up your Valentine as early as today? Better to spend it with someone and take it as an extra Christmas day in your calendar. I'm sure you wouldn't want to end up looking like that troubled heart over there. Now kids, you ought to know that it is a good time to get your parents to go out and make em feel like they used to when they were still young but don't tell them you heard from me though.

Here's good news for the folks who doesn't celebrate either. I bet you can catch some awesome fireworks shows since it's Chinese New Year. No sir, I don't want your excuses that we're cutting ties because you don't have a red envelope to give me. JK.
Well folks that's pretty much what we'll be having on the 14th. Mostly everyone would be busy busy busy myself included. See you around CNY!

Later days

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