Who's to blame for Freak Accident?

I just came back from the bondocs and hard news on top of my fb news feed slapped me back to reality. Turns out it's been all over the web since Friday. Yahoo News  | ABS-CBN | Balita.ph | PhilStar

I thought it was just a horrible joke with a photoshopped picture to go with it that spelled e-p-i-c-f-a-i-l but shit really does happen in real life. What are the odds that you get struck by an electric post while riding a tricycle? 

I couldn't find it in me to post up the photo April P. scanned off the Philippine Star Metro, page 21 - February 14, 2010 issue. It's too graphic as it is but if you've seen it or the pictures his brother took of it then you'll have an idea of what had happen to Kevin so I'll just emphisize the caption on the picture. Kev Lim isn't the tricycle driver, he was the passenger. Put the photo plus the story together and it just gets twisted in the eyes of other people. A perfect example of bad information dissemination someone didn't brush up on his notes from the editor huh?. It'd be more appropriate on my part if I were to simply write and e-mail to Bernardo Batugas for him to correct his error but I haven't seen the news paper itself.

I wouldn't really bother to mention this but it's too soon for someone so young and had a lot going on for him. Although I didn't know Kevin on a personal level I could say that much about him. I pray that justice will prevail for all affected parties in the accident. May it be Meralco, the truck driver, or the tricycle driver- you can't really blame anyone for an accident unless we're speaking of it in legal terms.

Real bizarre news to begin a new year or to spend Valentines day. I guess when it's your time, its your time- even if it's too soon.
(Right most) Kev Lim in party with friends

My deepest condolences goes out to Kevin Lim's family. I'll miss seeing that kid around.

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