Slicker: Bigger, better

Here's an unboxing post for a change. I got busy today after purchasing a new ASUS Laptop
unboxing the Asus K52J-SX091 (WHATchamacallit again?)

I have yet to come up with a more in depth review of this monster. At the moment I'm still busy settling down with this slicker laptop and getting ready to give it a test run for audio editing early this week. Working already!
Evolving equipment, yet some themes never change ;]

This would not have been possible if not for my folks in the states. I will use this equipment wisely. THANK YOU SO MUCH. New equipment = More productivity. Woot I'm getting worked up just thinking about it.

Later days


LeeYJ said...

ooh looks like someone has a new toy! Looking forward to that review of yours

melliemelll said...

mariel, mellie here. funny cos i was googling this model and it brought me to your blog. my friend bought the same one. looking forward to hear reviews from you, though you pretty much just got it at the same time. :)

Marz said...

@Ate Mellie: I didn't expect this to be a popular item 0_0

I guess I owe you guys a review sooner than I think I do.