Nick Khun & Song Jihyo's coming to the RP

Word's out that Nick Khun and Song Jihyo's coming to the Philippines to show their love by doing charity work. Hmm I wonder what lucky charitable institution's gonna get the plug?

from left to right Nick Khun & Song JiHyo

according to source Kpoplive

On 21st 2PM’s Nichkhun and Actress Song Ji Hyo flying away to Philippines.
They will guest appearances on MBC’s Dan Bi. One may remember Song Ji Hyo
from her supporting role in ‘Goong’/'Princess Hours‘ as the aspiring top ballerina, Min Hyo-rin.

For the people who are puzzled and never heard of the show before: ‘Dan Bi‘ is a program that helps those in need as well as showing the stars’ honest and true genuine side. The display of Nichkhun and Song Ji Hyo’s warm and genuine sides are highly anticipated. Some may previously already know about this show, for 2NE1 were guest on 27th December 2009.

The ‘Dan Bi‘ Philippines special will air early March.

Man if I was PD-nim of this show I'd be psyched knowing that this came out but at the same time glad to know that fans are looking forward to this. However I doubt any fan meet is going to happen during their stay, that is unless the Kpop Committee gets holds of them and let them do charity work for GK (then you can count me in). But I've just realized that I've long outgrown stalking since I was reminded of it but you kids can bet I'll keep you posted.

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