New kicks for the blogger

New blogger features! for me at least

YEY! for all new blogger features. IT PAWNS ME YOU

This post might contain A LOT of blogger jargon. It might be too dorkstuff for you, don't say I didn't warn ya.

New Post editor
I've been dying to get the "Read more.." feature on blogger to work turns out that I haven't enabled the use of the new post editor (ok I'm slow like that). And it looks something like this
Am I like, the only one who didn't know this? I was seriously scratching my head off trying to figure out why Allblogtools pictures of the blogger post editor looked different.

Read more feature!! >>>> XDD I love it

Edit Page. Where'd that come from?!
I was surprised myself I just noticed it since I was perking up my blogger layout. "Edit Page" just what I needed for my About page. Have you guys read that part of my blog? I must be confusing you all the time, that just extra lol-worthy news on the side dish for you folks.

yeah it works like a breeze!
other stuff I didn't know of...
That you can actually choose the labels on your tag cloud. FOR THE WIN.

Thats all for the Blogger tech dev. Know of any new blogger features that I haven't heard of? Educate me!

 I Blogger more! nao

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