Kpop Night!

Here's something for the party people.
After your crazy week of fan girl / boy week or 2nd GK day with the Kpop Committee comes yet another promising project for all you fan boys and girls. A night full of Kpop dance music at Alchemy on Feb 19, 10PM onwards. Ticket is 300PHP for the pre-registered party people. Make sure you come in the right party clothes and bring your Korean friends along too.

I've been waiting for this to happen for AGES but this event is for people AGES 18++ bring an ID and be there in my place. Take plenty of pictures because its one event that I cannot cover, folks.
if only I had my divers license RAWRS! (What about the petty children? )

See you around folks!

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Anonymous said...

You actually wanted to go out for a change. I bet you can't blame me for teaching you that ;]