Kpop & Jpop now an otaku thing?

I find this silly but this year's Otakuzine's going to have a Jpop-Kpop dance-off. Not that I want to kill joy or anything like that. Its just awkward having Jpop and Kpop lined in with the 'Otaku' stuff like a fan meet never works out for me on toycon (confused kid, much)

Seriously? Well ok, why not right? However these Jpop, Kpop, (and yes) Cpop also fan boys and girls are better off not being labeled as otakus even if they seem or dress like one. You can tell whose who unless you meet someone dressed like Tessa Prieto-Valdez (whose fashion sense is ) don't get to startled with fancy costrippers coz your sense of fashion can turn tasteless in seconds (keep an eye out for the real-deal cosplayers). Since this is NOT the Toycon I don't see why you shouldn't get dressed for the event.

Mkay folks, you be the judge of what fits in the 'otaku' job descripton. Like every other year, the Ozine Fest is one of the most sought out Japanese pop culture events in Metro Manila next to the ToyCon (that makes it into the '5 minutes of fame' segment in the evening news just in case you didn't know).

Hope to see on this year's ozine. Looks like its gonna be lots of fun!

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