DONG-BANG-ize your Firefox

I've been lurking around my Firefox default bookmarks and found the "customize" link very helpful today. I found out about this "Persona" that works like Firefox skins. You can even make your own after you install the plug-in on your web browser. All you gotta do is to click and install the plug-in and presto! You're in for about 10,000+ custom personas. Imagine how much more you can choose from once you learn how to make your own.

Since I've only begun poking around the "make your own" persona part. Here's what the TVXQ Breakout Persona looks on my Firefox
Looks noob-ish but that about what most of the skins look like. You can edit the top and bottom part of your firefox browser without lagging the program. I haven't found any KAT-TUN personas yet. I can't wait to flood this channel with my stuff when I get the chance. Check it out here

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