Basketball is not my game

Sure enough a lot of people love watching this game as well as playing it. I don't exactly not-like basketball per se because it turns into dodge ball when you least expect it.

Casualty in the house

I didn't want to mention it since it was last Friday when I got hit in the face with a basketball because I was too blind to catch a chest pass. History is history but ironically this morning a box of night cream fell on my face with my glasses on and bruised the same spot where I got hit with the basketball (IKR, fail) so here I am with another booboo.

I was telling Boogs yesterday that I'd be ok by today but I guess I have to take that back. Man, I want ice cream! Good thing my glasses can cover this up for the mean time but this is a nuisance!

I'm going to watch 4 minute today and I can't be bothered much about this little thing. I hope I remember all the member's names correctly (Hyuna, Gayoon, Jiyoon, JiHyun, SoHyun). I'm psyched to have my album and poster autographed!

Photo of the week: Zoo in the grocery

Before you know it we'll have Giraffe, Moose, Geese, and Duck paper plate brands lined up next to each other. I'm just saying

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