4minute SM Mall Tour

I finally caught up with the girls of 4minute on their last stretch of their mall tour here in the Philippines.

Caught you looking into my cam, camera ajusshi!

I was sketchy about actually getting their mini album since I'm not a fan of mini albums but I got it anyway just so I can watch them live (that's the catch for watching them in SM). It's a win win thing since it comes with a dvd and trading cards(YEY).

3 hours of waiting before the show didn't drag on for so long. The event itself started a few minutes early hosted by DJs from Tambayan (Who claims that they play 4minute's music 8 times in 3 hours) Go Martin D! And was kicked off by an opening act by Sabrina a local acoustic artist (I've heard of her but not her music).

After the long hours of waiting amongst the mini pool of fan boys and girls 4minute finally came out. Then I struggled and struggled to get a good fan cam (which I eventually did when I moved to the back of the standing area) just for you folks to see. *is STILL uploading and watermarking videos atm*

Vlog summary of the event

4minute is just more than hype in the Philippines, I've just noticed while I was watching. A couple of acquaintances of mine were following them on tour for the last three days, a dedicated fan boy brought a bouquet of roses (probably one of the members) and insisted that he'd give it himself, Koreans who came by to show their love for their artists, fan boys who brought more than the allowed one person one autograph merchandises, fan boys and girls who sang along and danced, and lolas who sat in the VIP area to watch them (no kidding). I just gotta admit I was kinda envious of those who got themselves VIP passes and seats but ya'll know this kid's working hard for you. You got yourselves quality fancams and fan photos.

Everyone wants a piece of Kim Hyuna

oh hi ladies!

Jiyoon is now officially my favorite member

more photos on request via facebook

There was also an autograph session after the performance which was something that the fans looked forward to. It seemed pretty hopeless since the host said that their weren't sure if they could accommodate everyone. The mechanics of the autograph sessions was that they allowed one item per person (though I highly doubt they stuck to that rule, since one person brought 3 posters and that's that). All that has to happen within 1 hour (poor 언니s having to sign so much in so little time). The DJs reassured the audiences with VIP control numbers 1-200 that they'de get their stuff autographed while the rest had to keep their fingers crossed.

According to a friend of mine they were able to accommodate up to 500 and I was thisclose to getting my album signed if I stayed but I can live without that- for now.

Kudos to Cheska D. for this photo of her lovely autographed poster

After a day's work on fangirling. I had to wind down with a kiwi tea slush that just completely made my day- EPIK WIN

Mt. Fuji isshat you?!

*Revisit this post to get my links to photos and videos of this event.

This kid's signing off. Later Days, folks!

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