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I just got back from a weekend trip which is fun and packed with what-nots that made me lolled since then till now but the hype's died down since I'm back to the real world again tomorrow. I gotta get started with executing my ideas for art contests and Mass Media Awards (WHUT? yeah, I'm serious). I could use a little motivation from you guys.
With the weekend made of WIN UH OH SOCIAL PICS AHEAD...

Hosting the Debut

Last night I hosted Cathy P.'s debut along with Jen B. I find Cathy's family very accommodating as well as Jen's mum and you bet I wanna spend summer there this year LOL nuff said with my summer. The idea of being part of organizing Cathy's debut just hasn't quite sunk in yet. I did work my little braincells on program planning and hosting for that but it felt like doing homework over the weekend (which IMO is a good thing). Big props to Cathy for getting me as a host for this party.

Jen B and Marz A- hosts

the debutant

le venue

music music and some- dance crack
Apart from the program and avps there were also bands. One of the two bands was Nocturne Form. They're composed of Cathy's HS classmates namely Justine A. and Gam M. Call me a lost kid being unfamiliar with mainstream but I remembered one of the songs they played, Cathy saw Panda putting on her silly face when she heard the Katy Perry song. True enough I'd like to give it another go when the official footage comes out. The other band was "Wangas" a band hired by Cathy's dad. I didn't understand their band name till Jen hollered at my face "WANG-AS = ASWANG" (Aswang, a local urban legend that eats babies from pregnant mothers- oohh spooky ), then I figured plus point for pointlessness? I had to make sure I got the name right because I had to introduce them but they made my life a little easier by doing it themselves I'm a lazy host.

To sum it up there were the v.i.ps, the loved ones, the missed ones, the family... and as guests we're just all caught between everyone of them. Just let me sit out in my little corner and enjoy a cupcake. I gotta catch up with working on art crack for a QC day contest now. I wanna go back to Calatagan awwww JEN, TAKE ME THERE RAWR
lost kid eating a cupcake @ 1 in the morning. NOM NOM NOM

later cakes days

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