Welcoming 2010

If my math is correct its the beginning of a new decade and that should be a good thing because a lot of people should be looking forward to a lot of changes this year.

I find it funny how I mentioned to my mum this morning
Me: ah 2010... there's no more kids in this house
Mum: shouldn't I be the sad one saying that?
I'm getting ahead of myself because I'll be legal this year and you kids, will really be kids and you can't give me the "what kid?! You're just as old as me!" treatment. A little more respect thank you very much and as much as I'd like to decline- responsibilities, I'll be taking a lot more of that and being responsible is on my New Year's resolution. D'ya guys have one yourself? You should if not.

Leaving 2009 doesn't seem so hard for me but I've left quite a lot picking up a few but very relevant things. It just feels like I'm really on vacation now that I'm just at home catching flicks and my long missed hobby 'critic-ing'.

Seven Samurai
I'm on a roll for Akira Kurosawa films this is the 3rd work of his that I've watched and I'm not disappointed at all. I've even become a fan of one of his actors who claims
Of Akira Kurosawa: 'I am proud of nothing I have done other than with him.'

I bet you wanna turn this into a Macro :P
I'd say the same and yeah I'm now a fan of Toshiro Mifune. I can't wait to watch his other films with Akira Kurosawa. I must say I've enjoyed watching his character in Rashomon, quite similar to his character in Seven Samurai. I have yet to discover his refined roles than that of a cave man warrior.

Since the fireworks died down early (stopped by 1am). Let me leave you guys with this special album compilation of the fireworks I took towards the end of 2009. Enjoy!

fireworks in stills for your enjoyment

Later Days

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