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I felt like a million bucks since I woke up this morning probably because I had a hunch I'd get myself something good today, true true. Someone's probably going to break my bones when they / he / she / it finds out how un-frugal I've been but what the heck.

You bet your two cents that this is gonna be good

I was about to have a fit if I didn't get this this week. So yeah I finally decided to cop the headphones tho I'm more of an earphone person and I almost bought Sennheiser earphones. I didn't plan to but I my mind was set getting a pink skull print Zumreed Sfit in contrast to the red wresting mask that I had second thoughts of getting (Which IMO is made of ♥).

Zumreed SFit Graphic Design Headphones

After much debate between getting in-ear earphones and this I finally made a sure decision to get these. I have to give props to the sales lady in the PowerMac store whose been helpful enough to let me test the Audio Technica earphones which I also almost reluctantly bought. Good thing I was granted to do a comparison test between the earphones and the headset. Before you brick me, I know it has completely different sound quality but there are earphones brands that deliver good quality sound (brands which I don't know of).

Zumreed Sfit review
Sound quality is over all good however it doesn't do complete justice with the "mids" and is kind of weak. Bass is great! I tried watching IRIS (2009 KBS Drama) to give this little monster a test run and it maximized the sound from 100% to +++ something I'm not used to. I ended up setting the VLC player volume on 18% and I could still hear all the small details like the boots squeaking on the floors or the clash of guns on the surface (it's either too detailed or I hear too much). 

Then I gave Owl City's album a test run and some tracks sounded more crisp than it used to on my HP headphones (I also still love those). Its ideal for trance, easy listening, and songs with powerful bass. Maybe I should give Big Bang's music a try on these.

Comfort? Well it's ok and I don't have to worry about the foam since it's made with leathery material or leatherette? HOCRAP, hope not :|

cool they fold up too!
PLUS THE EYE CANDY. Zumreeds plain SFits are supposed to be attention grabbing because of its colors. I would have considered getting those however I don't want to worry about having to clean it. So I'm really sold with these prints even if mum might ask "why skulls?".

skull print on pink is not exactly the newest thing in town. I wonder why I didn't go for the wrestling masks?
Gee beats me it's not the most original design that's why I would have considered the Wrestling mask but it'd be a bit dull. I can't wait till they come out with the Zumreed stickers here.

Board Stickers that come with the headphones
The box came with board stickers. I won't used them until I've passed my warranty. I just hope these headset cooperates forever XD for a long time. I gotta win back the price of this monster.

DJ POV Verdict: a good headset for those who don't mind weak mids and highs. Great with Rn'B music that pack in a great bass. This has a reasonable fit / size than a skullcandy headset. More of a headset marketed as a fashion accessory.

wheee it's not retardedly big!

Want to see HD pics of these Sfits? Check it out here at Sunsoo (it's the site the probed me to get it). Props to the folks down at Head-fi and Audio Cubes for the tips on headphone shopping. Now I could use a couple of good tips on keeping these from faulty wiring issues.

Later Days, kids

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