Consumer finds of the day

I did my usual exercise today (mall walking) and found this interesting stickers.

Hangul keyboard stickers
I got these for 39.75PHP ($0.34USD) and it's very useful if you're studying Korean. I admit that I still linger around the keyboard guessing which types-what-character takes me about 10 minutes to get my sentences right but with these I bet I'd be typing as fast as a three year old Korean. ("Marz your such a noob!")

However I'm not too eager to actually stick them onto my laptop keyboard. I'll probably stick this on a key protection sheet so I can just put in on top of my keyboard. Sticking things on your laptop depreciates it's value unless you're seriously into "personalizing" your stuff. I'm saving my keyboard surface for other keyboard stickers like the Japanese keyboard stickers (ooohh extra fun!)

On the search
Actually I'm out scouting for good quality stereo earbud phones to replace my good ol' trusty HP headphones that came free with something my dad probably bought ages ago. I've only used them for x number of months (probably just as long as I've used my sony earphones) and once again I'm experiencing a busted ear piece. I took interest in Zumreed headphones MONSTER QUALITY! well I might be exaggerating since it's headphones- can't beat the noise canceling feature on that. However it's not a practical investment for me since I like to stuff my headphones/ earphones in my bag I can't bare being brute to this.

(image: google) Zumreed Stereo Headphones
I checked out other brands and there's a high possibility I'm going for Philips (chat earphones) or Audio Technica [ATH-C100G] (I just gotta find earphones). Unless anyone of you oppose this brand, feel free to educate me. I'm not buying in ear phones since it's ... IMHO it's disgusting to stick some foreign object in your ear like that. Awkward . I just need good noise canceling and quality bass earphones. I don't know if you can have both at a reasonable price now-a-days.

HO YEAH! Sandara Park woree these Zumreed headphones on their Cass Beer CF with Lee Min Ho. Boo yah! There's a bigger chance I might not get this

Later Days, kids.


Linnéa said...

oh! I want those korean stickers, soo cute!

AIVI said...

Where did you find the Hangul keyboard stickers? I'd love to have one! :)

Marz said...

@Aivi: got them at "Gift factory" there's two styles available atm. Hope you find em ;]