The coming of C.N. Blue

Here's a quick one since I've stumbled upon their full length debut MV.

CN Blue on their First All-English EP jacket
Long story short. C.N. Blue is where Yong Hwa (Shin Woo of You're Beautiful) plays lead guitar? As far as I'm concerned he plays an instrument. C.N. Blue debuts today under the same record label as F.T. Islands. Their music genre is mostly indie rock but not exactly the type I listen to like Rocket Diary or Daybreak (I got a couple more whose names are hanging on the tip of my tongue.)

And the members

Lee JongHyun

MinHyuk - took me a while to figure out that the scribble there was "m". I mistook his name for "Rinheok" wuuuuu (NOOBMOMENT). I assume he's the youngest. He's the band's little drummer boy

Jeong Shin - I find this guy interesting. For the reason that he's got this mysterious image that I'm not really buying

Yong Hwa. YB fan girls and boys should be familiar with him. He hosted last year's SBS Music Gayo show with Kim Heechul and Park ShinHye.

CN Blue - I'm a loner MV

and I'm sky rocketing away back to studying


andrea said...

<3 them! I'm one of their crazy fangirls :"> They're pretty awesome. And maybe it's just me, but Jonghyun looks a little like Keita Furuya. Haha! Be their fangirl too :>

Marz said...

@ Andrea: I'll follow their music since I find JeongShin interesting. YongHwa is surely gonna get a lot of love for being in YB XD