Catch a movie this weekend

Last Night I watched a movie in Trinoma with my folks, we finished at 1 in the morning (REEL LATE). I thought Avatar was about "Ang" and characters from the Nickelodeon show Avatar: the last airbender, I guess not.

What its not about
K.B. asked us out to watch this since it was the end of mid-term exams but I had to pass since I'd be catching it later. Greg advised me to take dizzitabs before the show, true enough I thought the first part made me dizzy. Michelle Rodriguez's character is so awesome and she's made of win! EVEN IF... I won't spoil it for you.

Avatar is beyond imagination, creative and made of win!

Welcome to the fascinating world of Pandora
The setting was made very creatively I'm sure Francis would have love to see this. I like the concept of the ground lighting up when you step on it. It reminded me of Micheal Jackson's Billie Jean MV LOL. Apart from that the movie delivers parallelism to real life just as we face global warming we're responsible for our home which keeps a piece of who we are. Like the trees in Pandora... ooh I sense the force! I'm thinking of dubbing this movie as the 21st century Star Wars that will continue to wow the future generations as Star Wars has. George Lucas, come out with something good soon! I miss your out-of-this world concepts

check out the fine detail on this avatar
I think the CGI in Avatar is better seen in 3D. There are some close up scenes that made me think that like the actors wearing prosthetics, yeah it's that good! This weekend I'm about to catch a couple more award winning flicks and classics made before your momma was born like Delicatessen, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (Silent Film, dope~), and My Neighbor Totoro.
I can't to get my hands on a double-deal movie ticket for Alice in Wonderland & Toy Story 3 in 3D coming soon some time this year. I have to see that.

is already sleepy, a bit dizzy and has strained eyes

I gotta fix this late night sleeping habit of mine.

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lena said...

I like your take on the movie and pics you have chosen to illustrate. I still have not seen Avatar and not sure I will any time soon. A shame, a shame, I know!