Wrapped up in Christmas

Looks like I'm skipping boxing day this year for many no good reasons but I guess my friends didn't forget to do their share even if its been a really tight year end for all of us after all the crazy things we've gone through this year.

I got a lot of yellow stuff this year here's some

I am also accepting monetary gifts that come in yellow

From the stuff I've gotten this Christmas some gifts are bound to be the odd or unique. So far this has been the most outstanding and outrageous thing I've received this year.

Surprisingly, its the real thing. Check out the website to see for yourself
It's not actually mine but my mums' she gave it to me because she not a fan of Twilight, neither did she even know that this was one of their merchandise. I thought mum was pulling my leg so early in the morning that this 'Volturi' product exists and promises to bring you shining shimmering skin like Edward Cullen.

Later Days, kids

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