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Another accomplished task on my 'to do list' is to go on a Carlos Celdran tour. True enough he's nothing less than what I had imagined.

Touring Binondo
We went on this tour since mum had a balikbayan high school classmate in town. Tita Emma's goal is to retrace her roots and introduce it to her 15 year old son. Over lunch I heard that Tita Myrna's husband wanted to bring him to watch a cock fight but I figured that would be difficult since he's still a minor. Starting the tour we and mum's high school classmates met up in Uno a Chinese restaurant somewhere along Escolta. I've heard one two many good things about this place it's just that it was so long ago when it was in its prime years.

We started the tour at around 3 from Binondo Church everything else followed after the walking tour around the area and the very animated explanations from Mr. Celdran really lit up the tour. I picked up a couple of new historical tips like Chinatown wasn't originally located in the Binondo area and that there used to be Chinese graves under the Binondo Church. I should really start noting that most churches have someone buried in them anyway.

(L to R) Mr. Celdran talking about how great the architecture of the hotel is; Manong and Manang Vendor WERQ for the the camera
I found the lumpia house / former hotel quite interesting and the Escolta Street museum because its unheard of, Who would have known of this Street Museum in Escolta? Nor would I have imagined seeing Erika Sawajiri as pangbalot ng tinapa in the middle of Quiapo (GREAT!) Mr. Walk This Way sure knows how to put TOUR in TOURism. At the end of the day I understood something about the way he see's Manila as he tries to change the way we see it in his own simple ways.

I'd love to tell you more but I wouldn't want to spoil the great experience for ya'll. Let my pictures to the talking for you if you're interested check it out HERE. Great news to those who want to experience Corregedor, Carlos Celdran will be having an overnight tour there on the 23rd so if you wanna join him make sure to drop by his website and check out his tours.

Later days

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