Stay in your malls

Today I spent almost a whole day out in the local mall near my place tho I don't really consider it the most high-end 'yet' (or whatever you may think about
S.M. yesh dat big of a mall in the Philippines) whatever just to kick of this post ... yes I was there today even if I was suppose to finish my school work.

Happy feet for broken feet.

I least expected it, I could walk a bit better today, it must have been because of my motivation ''if I don't walk straight, I won't get to go shopping"... been there around the mall for a whole day to buy
Christmas presents but I anticipated standing for long periods of time. I suppose I'm ready to have my stitches taken out by Tuesday but before ne' thing else. You should know that
I did cheat :time4bed: I didn't stand all day shopping. Yeah I'm a cheater haha, I spent like around 2 hours in
Teriyaki Boy just waiting for my order to come:cry: . I never knew they had such lousy service up in the block but the food was ok... or not I didn't like their Unagi sushi. roar. And after that me and my mum (yes, I was in the mall with my mum for a whole day) went to the cinema to watch Happy Feet.

Btw, that's my foot now. I think I was over reacting about pain and
stuff, but to my surprise it was just a little stitching. but it was really painful
on the first day.. I wonder how much more after I have it taken out. OUCH

To my surprise she was touched by the movie and even cried. Whoa. that's a rip off:WtUlokat: . I was crying for the same reason last night but I was watching something else which I find more amusing and that was
Andy Lau's 'Wait Till Your Older' nice movie. You should watch it some time:irule:

Shoppin' don't stop

but still even if I went I haven't finished shopping yet. There's still a
list to be finished and that reminds me not only do I have to shopping but I
have to wrap the gifts too! crazy. I have to do loads of things after all than
just sit around a cinema house and watch happy feet for (I think 2 hours):relaxing:

^My SUPPER short Christmas gift list:hhmEvil:

I saw a lot cute gift items but then again here comes another problem. I dunno
what to get for my male friends most especially my classmates. I don't like to
be labeled as a gift whore (this year at least keke). I'm actually in my 'scrooge'
mode:hahafuny(skeptic): so I don't know about being very giving this year. It's been a tough year I
might as well prepare for a better one next year. That's all I have in mind get
ready for next year. So any ideas on what to give boys for Christmas? be random

^I'm not buying gifts for all of them even if they we're nice:hhmEvil: .

But I just felt like it
*cough*whore whore*cough*:panting: ... I was wearing
sleeveless today 0_0:WtUlokat: I dunno what I was thinking it's not me but yeh I did so
anyway. Oh yeah it's Saturday I almost forgot to mention, I did see some peers
from school namely Meryl and the Vallesteros Boys. How I wish I 'accidentaly'
meet Prince and we'd have an awkward stare at each other then eventually I would
bonk him on the head for showing up in the mall today. It's a good thing Prince
didn't show up today or else he would have paid for everything I pointed at
bwaahahahaha. I would have probably ask him the same if I was in HK> Oh boy do I
miss HK. I'm not fantasizing, his name is really Prince lol XD!:relaxing:

I gotta run. lose some calories while I am at it. the holiday food is just so freakin' irresistable! :hhmEvil: :ohjoy!:

I have to work on stuff. I love ya'll and take care.

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