For the Lady G. Fans

I doubt I'm alone on this one but this beats the crack outta me. Check out Yesasia's promo on Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster Album here
What's in the deal:
Each collector's edition art book will be individually numbered and will include:
- A lock of Lady Gaga's hair <- for every copy you buy you know she'll be sporting a short hair or maybe go bald on her next release!
- A collectable puzzle
- Pictorials
- A behind-the-scenes look at Gaga's creative process
- Pull-out posters
- Themed fanzines
- A Lady Gaga paper doll collection
- 3-D glasses to view forthcoming visuals <- COOL I wonder what she's got under her sleeves which I doubt she'll even dare wearing
- Personal notes from Lady Gaga

O.K. I get it, we're fans and we're supposed to buy this with everything in? Uhm... maybe I'll just stick with buying it locally. I can't be too sure, it's Lady Gaga right?

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