Fan Consumerism

TVXQ's 3rd live concert album is out! In contrast to my habit of not buying live concert albums I made an exception for this one since its the first release of TVXQ here in the RP. I got mine in Odyssey Gateway by 12:oo noon and by that time there was only 3 left, selling like hotcakes as usual.
This comes with a free limited poster

The sales lady there was curious as to why a lot of young girls are going gaga just to grab a copy of TVXQ's Mirotic album I didn't bother to ask for demographics on whose been buying neither did I answer her rhetorical question.

You can say I've got a weak spot for Junsu (not because its his birthday) so I really made it a point to grab a copy even if there's no DVD, I can borrow a copy of that anyway. Now I wonder where I buy their Rising Sun album if ever that its still in print- I hope it is *hint hint*

Happy Birthday Oppa Junsu!

and just for PUN

Stock room staff PHAIL

Later days, kids.

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