Christmas from Panga

Like every other year I'm out doing my best to bring smiles to the kids of CJ'HC to the best of my abilities. And like every other year I'm always too busy doing hands-on errands to take pictures.

There was enough candies to go around this year from prizes to the yearly 'candy rains' that happen despite not having candies that we ordered from one of Dad's clients mum still managed to buy two grocery bags full of candies from Urdaneta at the last minute.

The following morning we had to attend to distributing the Christmas goodies for the Priests and church members pick out clothes sent by my aunts from overseas. While I still had to chase around for the kids to give out Christmas cookies, sure wasn't this hard as last year where a whole gingerbread house was gone in 2 minutes. Now, I don't know where all those hyper kids went.

It's been a breezy Christmas so I'll spare you guys from the rants. Merry Christmas, kids!

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Emma said...

happy to know that u and ina were in charge of the party! any pics?