1st Philippine Kpop Con Aftermath

Yesterday's con was packed with fan action and lots of spazzing. With the many performances from the fans, anyone for that matter could feel the intensity of the Hallyu wave hitting the RP. With more than 1000 attendees you couldn't tell the fan boys and girls apart from their FCs. All I know is that everyone came because they were united by the calling of

The 1st Philippine Kpop Con

I'm too dramatic like that (yes, I know). The mall hasn't opened yet but con attendees were already eagerly lined up to get in, its a different story from the convention hall entrance. Since the tickets were sold out the night before the event they gave priority to those who had e-tickets and the physical tickets however there was a soccer mum without a ticket who came (you bet she ain't the earliest) she eventually got in anyway- meaning despite having sold out 1000 tickets they were able to accommodate everyone. There were so many attendees that there was even a shortage of fan forms in some FC booths.

(L to R: 2ne1, IS THAT SUNGMIN?!,SNSD)
I wasn't anticipating Kostrippers but I saw a couple of them. I didn't bother taking a picture of the TaeYang Kosplayer but he really pulled it off. Lots of kids did Girls Generation- too bad we did have Hong Gi over to claim that he's Jessica.

more of this at stupidcute

Then again what's a Kpop event without a host?

Kring E. from Flippish.com/ Funnysexy.ph and the surprise celebrity host Roxy
Fan performances and games

PLUS the highly anticipated Kpop Awards that was very comical. The representing FCs accepted the awards on behalf of the winning artists.

some artists won several awards that it left them speechless

Kring: "Congratulations for winning the best newcomer of the the year, what can you say?"

So much for the program the main attraction for the fan girls and boys would be the FC booths that's part of the 'Trip to Korea' game. Each con guest had a passport that allowed them to participate. The prize? Any CD+ poster (if your lucky it's autographed) of your choice (given that it's in the table of prizes. Awesome, I know right?

I wasn't able to go around much however I dropped by our FC's booth and submitted my postcard for the Big East fan project that we were taking part of.

What else there was to spazz about? Mostly the kpop merchandise and the life sized standing posters of the kpop artist that was later auctioned. I wonder who bought Xiah and Sandara? I saw ate Tin and Berna's Yunho and Changmin masks, their sooo adorable!

Kuya Ron: Do I hear 1,500 for Sandara and Xiah?

At the end of the day we're reminded that this endeavor is not just for the benefit of the fans but also the beneficiaries of Gawad Kalinga. We're just merely showering that extra love for our brothers and sisters who could use an extra hand. That's the fandom business for the day, till the next con- we're all on our toes for the next one.

I enjoyed watching the fans come together for a day of spazzing. Its a nice to know that we can be united as fans despite the many FCs that there are and that we as fans and enthusiasts strongly support buing original merchandise. I hope we continue this joint effort if we want to bring even more foreign artists (be it Japanese, Chinese, or Korean) in the RP.

You bet the spazzing tension was still high from the Shawols since last Friday. Yeah, they're lucky and you can get just as lucky with a little more persuasion and support.

We'll all see each other till the next kpop event, kids.


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hey marz! thank you for attending the kon and thank you so much for the blog post! - ron

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