One Day apart

Yesterday's trip to Pangasinan was tiring thus my failure to dress up my Pupee. I won't be expecting ribbon rewards this month.

The trip was rather interesting being welcomed by the Philippine rabbit on the toll way dressed up like Michael Jackson, you gotta give props to that- if your an MJ fan


I did a photo blog about the destruction we saw in Rosales, Pangasinan on the way there. I did short one too on the PMO Flood control system. I just wasn't that in to documenting the whole Q&A with the locals because 1, if I put myself in their shoes I'd probably smack the person for asking... I can already see the damage for myself. 2, its another disheartening sight of destruction brought upon by man's mistakes, nuff said.

I heard that SM Rosales will be opening this November despite the damage they concurred from Pepeng. That's good to hear, no need to fear for their employees' unemployment. You can read more of Pepeng's aftermath in Pangasinan here. I just want to randomly add that I've had a series of McDys Sundaes this week and so far the best caramel sundae I've tasted was the one from the Carmen branch.. Greg tells me "mmm... I bet their machine had a taste of the flood too" well that figures.

That's basically everything before we went to the cemetery. All Souls Day is a day for remembering the long gone and gone forever. Its actually nice to see a closed cemetery at the evening of All souls day, you'll see all the lighted candles burning in the dark on headstones of the dearly departed.

Later Days,

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