Had dinner out tonight, nothing too fancy just a cheese mushroom burger from Mushroom burger and some coffee which I think I really shouldn't have had anyway.
I don't know if I'm going to attend this one sounds promising though. Ms Barista said there's going to be coffee tasting and games (I guess she mean me, games... go figure). Their looking forward to have me there more often which is technically plausible. I was also invited to the College Chill on the same day and I've got my New Moon movie date moved right after the Korean Festival Concert.

For the mean time while I sort out my life, I'll be heading to the mountains to contact my inner self... after I lol at the person who almost fell off the stage while performing on MAMA

Oh come on, don't shoot me. Sometimes those who snag all the awards eventually takes that occasional plunge. Congratulations to all the winners! Those kids definitely are V.I.P

Later Days

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