I guess it could be called a success of some sort, I'm not exactly a SHINee fan but I did see them, before and after the show. They were two arms length away from me I should have took a video from when Mighty Mouth came out of the tour bus (they were first off the bus) and very enthusiastic to see that there are a lot of people who came to see them.

Vlog of the event

This endeavor was kind of an epic fail of efforts for me however just catching a glimpse of these artists is enough for me. My other Lucky butt acquaintances & friends got in, most of them with tickets some without. I was a devout fan of that long line. I didn't leave it until some of the people ran for their lives just to get in, let alone the people who waited patiently in line- they never got in. Perhaps if they behaved, everyone would have gotten in.

some of the fans who lined up to watch

Ate Teru was nice enough to give us a ring and let us hear SHINee perform live via mobile. We could hardly even make out the words they were singing. Only the frantic screams of the fans inside could only confirm that it was them performing already. A lot of SHINee fans came and the Arirang documenting staff seemed to have had a lot of fun documenting all of us who wanted to get in.


My only realization for this is that if ever there's going to be a free concert of any sort, it should have been held in open grounds. Yeah you bet I was scared a stamped could have happened but the people in charge handled the crowd just fine, I felt sorry for the real fans who weren't able to get in. My only regret is that I didn't get to see Winterplay perform.pffsshh farken fanbrats! yournotgonnamarryanyoneofthembycuttingtheline! SERIOUSLY

Looks like I'll have to try my luck in Korea to watch them perform live.

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