The Drink's on Me

The holiday's are gonna call for a lot of eating that you're gonna need that good old sidekick of a drink to go with your meal. Here's my top beverage picks this season. I'll be listing down the price these drinks from its smallest serving available.

Name: Vanilla Lychee Martini
From: Cocktails || Trinoma, Megamall, & Gateway
Price: 55PHP and up
Comment: YUM
The first contender packs in a unique taste that set to satisfy your craving for something healthy and seems just as sinful as your regular Strabucks fraps. You have the option to have served as is or spiked which will you have to pay an extra for.

I first tried this in the Trinoma Branch and its served as you see in the picture while Cocktails express in Gateway serves this on a to-go plastic cup like the regular drinks from Starbucks.

Name: Matcha MooLatte
From: Dairy Queen, Philippines
Price: 60z- 49PHP; 12oz 99PHP
Comment: It's not bitter or bland, mum!
I tried the 60z Matcha Moolatte which surprisingly took a good 30 minutes to make at one of the gateway branches surprisingly it was worth the wait but I had a serious craving for it afterwards. I tell you, that 60zs serving is rediculously small and the cups though cute, contribute to the plastic waste that we can't really re-cycle. Take my word for it, try the 12oz Match Latte if you've got a craving for something different. It's nothing you can compare to the Green Tea bubble tea @ Bubble Tea or the original taste green tea, this one's matcha with ice cream! Photo by D. Cheng @ littlemissbulilit

Name: Kiwi Lassi
From: Cocktails
Price: 95PHP++
Comment: refreshing
Here's another contender from Cocktails, this time an exotic taste to tickle your taste buds. Made from kiwi and a mix of fruits that harmonize well with kiwi and with a touch of ice cream (well my taste buds tell me there is). I tried ordering this from Cocktails Express however they don't seem to have it even if it's on the menu. I think you can only get this at their branches that is not 'express'. I doubt they keep a good stock of kiwis handy.

Name: Toffee Nut Latte
From: Starbucks
Price: 130PHP (short)
Comment: YUM
I like mine hot but just so you know you can enjoy this seasonal drink cold as a frap, just make sure to tell your barista. This is the priciest drink I've had in the past few days but you might say its worth it if your a Starbucks planner savvy. This year's planners are just date books like last year's, nothing beats owning one for yourself after a good helping of 16 cups o' joe (Here's a good excuse to not buy your relatives material gift for Christmas... go buy em' coffee). Then again let me remind you kids that your not supposed to drink too much coffee, it's bad for your bladder! You can opt for decaf but then you'd lose the flavor.

That's just but some of my latest taste bud players in beverage, I hope I'll score the good restaurants this year instead of pigging out at parties. At the mean time while I'm saving my cash for a good cause, I'll just stick to the good ol' partner of "twist, lick, and dunk" I could use the extra source of calcium, I'd say the same for you kids too.

Later Holidays

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