At the movies

Fridays, I suppose are the worst days to watch a movie especially if there's a premier going on. You'd wanna hold your breath if your not queued in a short line. Yesterday was the world premier of Twilight. I was supposed to watch it today but plans got canceled, I guess I'll catch that flick some other time.

Long lines to get Twilight tickets, should have gone earlier aye?

I wasn't here to watch Twilight though but 2012. It was just a little bit awkward having to line up in a line where mostly everyone's topic was about Twilight. Funny I should mention that someone in the line insisted that "Eric" was a character in twilight, I say... Good show dude, but apparently your in the wrong line to watch the wrong vampire movie.

2012, We've been warned
Despite the low ratings it got on I was skeptic that I wouldn't enjoy the movie since a lot of people said that the plot was yet another stereotypical storyline for an "end of the world" plot. I on the otherhand found the movie not so bad. The very graphic scenes of destruction and special effects made up for that though most parts of the movie were just too good to be true, I mean what's a good movie if it didn't defy reality?

Like An Inconviniet Truth, Los Angeles and Most of California took a beating from Tsunamis and earthquakes blown out of proportions and so as the rest of the world. I enjoyed 2012 despite its unrealistic points, It got me sitting on the edge of my seat. It also got me thinking, "I should really live my life as if every day was the last day of my life".

Later Days, kids.

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