Arirang brings in the acts once again

Yesterday MYX confirmed that they're gonna be an official media partner of the 1st Philippine KPop Convention while I see VJ Luis in this endeavor
The Korea-Philippine Friendship week free concert. Yeah you kids read that right, its FREE FREE FREE and I will get my lucky butt in this jib for Winterplay! And SHINee and Mighty Mouth... aahhhhh I have to brush up on my music library, I know that I have a mighty mouth album lying around here somewhere.

I have been very much out of touch with my blogging senses that I didn't know what to look out for first since I'll be attending a lot of Kpop fangirling matters this month.

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andrea said...

You're watching? Cool! I wanted to go but then again I'm not a SHINee fan. Haha. And besides I have transpo problems -___-

I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures though :>