w-inds. Ageha concert tour

It's been about 3 years since w-inds. did their 'Ageha' tour and now is the only time I get to watch it. I feel very accomplished ho ho ho.

Some lasting impressions from watching the concert + documentation. You can expect Keita doing most of the singing (as quoted from Ryuichi "Keita's voice is very important")

I have to give recognition to Ryuichi for being 'all out' doing his share of singing even if he and Ryohei just sang the rap parts or second voiced Keita. If you watch Ryuichi you can say so for yourself that he was really passionate with his performance while Ryohei seems to be more for the dancing part. The only time you'll see him moving less would be towards the end but I doubt you'll even notice. He's been hyper all through out the tour from Japan to Taiwan.

Some serious OTP moments between Keita and Ryuichi
Niigata practice outtakes. Keita fooling around the concert hall during practice

Though I didn't expect to see this, the copy I have has a documentary of the tour so that's a plus. I get to watch these boys do their silly thing. If you hardly notice Keita and Ryuichi let me give you a hint that they seem to have a mutual understand while on stage, leaving Ryohei to do his own thing, if you know what I mean. You'll know when you watch it anyway. Keita fans would just melt when they see him sing acoustic on cam- candid ...SRSLY

and an awesome performance
w-inds. live performance of Kirei da

Its the first time I've heard w-inds. sing in Chinese. Some parts of their concert in Taiwan was included in the documentary and they were just as overwhelmed as I was to realize how popular they are in Taiwan. Their tickets in Taiwan sold out in minutes! That's something right there and if you watch the documentary you'll see just how dedicated their Chinese fans are.

Ryohei on the other hand seems to be paranoid about the SARS scare and you'll see him wearing a flu mask and Ryuichi and Keita would be teasing him about being paranoid . I found the basketball court scene funny too. The bodyguards couldn't decide weather they'd laugh at Ryohei or not.

After watching Ageha I've realized that w-inds. should do more rock music since they've tried a lot of other music genre in Ageha why not Rock (Give Ryuichi a chance!). I noticed this when they performed 'Fire Flower' I didn't imagine Keita to have a husky rock voice. I was expecting Ryuichi to be more inclined to that way of singing but I believe I stand corrected by this talented man. Keita could consider going solo (he already did that though), Ryohei would be a great solo dancer / back up dancer / break dancer (oh you get the idea), While Ryuichi deserves that big break from the group or at least have a rock single where he's the main singer. My intuition tells me that he really wants to do what Keita does for w-inds. and I hope he gets that 'new style' he's been aiming for in their upcoming album.

In the end, though they have very different characteristics as artists if you put them together you'll have a very talented trio called w-inds. who's set to blow their fans away. Literally.

Tomorrow I hope I can watch 'This is it' I've been hearing a lot of positive feedbacks about it. And OH PLEASE! I want a Matcha Moolatte. Euuuhhhggg taste buds strikes!

Later Days

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