Halloween Blues 2009

I've gone to see the dead in the Southlands for the first time on the Eve of All Souls Day. I'm usually at the North province but due to several circumstances I'm still here in the city. The typhoon already passed so we were hoping for better weather today but we still got drizzled on at the cemetery but we lived so yeah.

To end the day we dropped by the local mall to have dinner at Joey Peperroni's you've got to try their pizza, the thin crust pizza dough is made in-house and its great stuff.

I was among the big kids with the silly Halloween headbands (a pumpkin bug). I'm not supposed to look scary but I guess I scared the little boy by the elevator when I tried to smile at him. dang it kid, I know my face is all year round Halloween, no need to rub it in pfft. Today was just another excuse for me to play with masks. What did you guys come in as?

I didn't wear either of these out of the comforts of my house this year.

Yesterday me and mum watched Micheal Jackson's 'This is it'. Long story short it was ok for a movie, Good for a documentary. Mum was telling me how effortless his singing came but he didn't dance as good as he used to (getting old aren't we?). On the other hand I couldn't help but lipsync along with Michael as he sang his songs. I enjoyed his mini in-concert movies that took a lot of effort to do. I gotta say that it was very creative and it's expected from Michael Jackson to come up with something like that. The show was worth my two cents.

This has been Halloween for me. I wanna go catch some Halloween specials tonight. Have an awesome Halloween, kids!

Save me some candy for later days

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