Excuse you, you're a celebrity

I have had one too many tv personality bump-into(s) during the past few days.

I've seen Sam Milby on the set of "Ang Tanging Pamilya", an upcoming film of his, on my way to Kuya Jerome's place for editing. I was on a jeep at that time and the man seated before me who looks like Ramon Bautista was all smiles saying "Uy, si Sam Milby" at me only to find me very unamused by his fanatic attack. Now if that was Victor Basa I'd probably do the same, just because you kids already know why. Just incase you were curious, yeah Sam's a looker but I'd rather look at Alexander Skarsgard.

Then this morning on the way to the hospital we drove by a kiddie learning center somewhere in SFDM was a shooting for GMA probably for a drama series or Halloween documentary (Dope! i have an excuse to tune into this docu) where I caught the staff doing the make up of a (what is most probably) a white lady / Sadako like ghoul. Mom was quite amused by the fact that their shooting a horror scene in broad day light. Thanks to docu-shoot experience I've learned that you can shoot a night scene in the morning, just gotta have those lights come in handy.

On the way home from the hospital, I bumped into yet another filming set along Delta. Apparently these guys were sitting pretty on the sidewalk and is ever so conveniently blocking the walk way. Me being considerate of the circumstances and as much as I don't wanna start an argument with these guys I decided to take a walk on the road for their sake. Then I recognized one of them, a veteran actor, who happens to be Rez Cortez. I would have asked for an autograph or something but I couldn't remember any of his films

My only concern is that for every time a celebrity or TV personality is doing his / her thing in a public place there is bound to be a crowd and most likely their privacy is invaded. Well let me just impart with you dear readers that celebrities aren't the only ones who are inconvenienced but also those who have to get on with their lives as well.

Perhaps if Quezon Ave. wasn't traffic (like that's even possible) I'd probably be caught for walking on the road instead of the sidewalk which the filming crew blocked. Perhaps if Sam Milby didn't attract so much attention (especially the lol-worthy jeep/hearse) on set I probably wouldn't have experienced delay on the road. Most importantly I hope the ones in charge of the filming took this in consideration. Just because your a celebrity doesn't mean I want to watch you. Did I ever wished that KandM already rode that darn pedicab so that I don't have to avoid the traffic their causing.

well whatever, let's just excuse them cause their celebrities thank you very much

Later Days,

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