Chance wasted

I've been extra caught up with running errands for other people lately, it isn't as fun as I'd hope it'd be or maybe it just might be post-academic stress is just catching up too late.

I read this weeks Sunday Inquirer Magazine and it had this feature article on G.M. Coronel's Tragic Theater. Man I'm quite a loser when it comes to opportunities to have books signed when I have the opportunity or to score this book at 10% less cheaper (so I'm a bogus cheapskate, Dude, Recession). The same SIM article is available online here. You guys might want to check out the book as it is now on my to read list. Its a fiction about the Manila Film Center, if you've studied your history it's the film theater that was built on a reclaimed area in Manila. Because of the rush in completion of the theater tragedy came about with the reported 7 deaths to the rumored hunders plus of workers who were probably buried alive in the said theater. It's a mystery that has always intrigued me, a little fiction won't hurt but then again, I'm on a tight budget and I'll have to wait till me meiro dinero before Christmas season hits.

I'm in no rush though since I still haven't finished reading Macarthur or have I started reading Kapitan Sino by the ever mysterious Bob Ong but I'll get to that before vacation ends.

Screw the receipt!
This afternoon I forgot to ask for the receipt after I came from the doctor's clinic today after my mum reminded me how important it was. It skipped my mind after spending a good sum of money on the doctor I guess I was just too frustrated with my concerns with buying meds and crack but what the heck, I have to go get that receipt somehow. So kids, if your shopping or splurging you parent's cash. Ask for a reciept or you meal should have been free or which ever applies. We're keeping our eyes peeled for those tax evaders and e-vat tax cut if you knew anything about that.

Concerts to watch
We'll be have Katy Perry over at Philly next month, too bad I'm not watching. Michael Jackson's This is it will hit the big screen on the 28th and I doubt I'll be watching on the premier. I reckon I don't wanna get massacred by crowds of thousands or less (who's counting anyway?). I'll probably watch it on the second week. For the mean time I got my hands on this baby. w-inds. Ageha Documentary + Concert. Awesome stuff if your a w-inds. fan or just happen to enjoy their album Ageha as much as I do. It's old and doesn't pack in a lot of zest but it's still interesting to watch.

Reporting this LSS

I gotta give props to Okasan and Lisbeth for the push to listen to Crystal Kay's "Helpless Night" featuring Akanishi Jin of KAT-TUN. Now I've got the hots to get my hand on the whole 3 CD album of CK. Good news for the KT and Arashi fans, These two groups are neck to neck on Channel V's Battle of The Pop's Japan V.S Korea. Apparently TVXQ V.S KAT-TUN seemed like a very ambitious battle and would probably crash Channel V's servers. Till then, You guys ought to check this out Crystal Kay ft. Akanishi Jin (Kat-tun) - Helpless Night.

Later Days

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