Aftermath of the awards

I'm still worn out from the weeks work and last Friday I had two highly anticipated awarding ceremonies which I attended both physically and virtually (insert oohs and ahhs here)

Sportsfest 2009 Awarding ceremony
For me awarding ceremonies mean only two things it's either your gonna be awarded or your in it to waste your minutes. It's not about getting the credit you deserve when you thought you deserved it anyway. You just attend and pay attention like the eloquent audience that you are and if your not, we'll have the ushers to escort you right out.
The results wasn't that bad however if I put myself in the shoes of my upper classmen then o'course I'd be as dull as a rusty cutter. No big though, I've gotten over it, we're over it. Though it can't be helped for us to be a teensy bit butthurt when we think about it and that what being gracious is about- not being too butthurt.

looks like they're over it too. Sporting their "Fight for the Truth" caps

Philippine Blog Awards 2009
I gotta give props to Flippish for covering this event and making it available for live streaming. I must say I did get the best seat in the house watching the awarding ceremony. If you missed it you can catch on the Flippish website. I was kinda rooting for FunnySexy to win Personal Blog this year but then again congratulations to Writing on Air. As a mere spectator, the one thing I enjoeyed the most for the awards night was to meet fellow bloggers from the blogosphere like Me and My Big Mouth, The Free Lancer, & Baul ni Noel you might want to drop by their blogs too. as for me, I've got a long way to go with the blogging business and I won't forget to give my thanks to all those who supported and dropped by my site, Thank you, kids and adults too.

Till next year, Its back to the lab again for me

Later days

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